Know Exactly Who's Working In Your Venue

Throw out the clipboard and the hassle-filled check-in process "you've always done." We built you a tool that enhances your employee experience and saves you⏱️& 💰.

What we do

A mobile app for checking-in employees

Before arriving at your venue, an employee gets texted or emailed a link to register. Once she enters her information into the form, she receives a QR code. Upon arrival at your venue, the employee scans her QR code and is cleared for access. 

Mobile First

Use technology you and your employees already have to make checking-in hassle free. No new hardware required.

QR Codes

COVID19 let QR codes make a major comeback. Everyone knows how to use QR Codes now, so take advantage.

SMS or Email

All you need is phone number or email. Low tech for your staff, with advanced analytics for you on the back end.

Get rid of long-standing hassles

Your Own Employee Database

To the customer, your frontline employees represent your brand. By using CheckdIn, you can build your own employee database, including 3rd party employees. With your own employee database, you can include frontline employees in rewards and recognition programs and push training directly to them, making these employees part of your family.   

Automate Check-In

How much money are you wasting on labor, just to check people in? What happens to the hand-written names on your clipboard once people have signed in? Is your current process cumbersome and filled with hassles for both you and your employees? CheckdIn allows employees to fill out their information at home so they can quickly get to work once they arrive at your venue.

Consistency & Accountability Across 3rd Parties

How can you ensure all your 3rd party partners have the same standards? How can you ensure they are reporting their staffing numbers accurately? By automating your check-in process, you capture show rate data in the same way across the board.

Ensure Employees are Trained

Your employees should be proficient in their tasks. But what happens when you change a process right before your event? Or what if you've got a new employee who missed your annual training? With CheckdIn, you can deliver digital trainings and video updates to employees' phones, and require employees to watch the content before they are cleared to get their credential. 

why we do it

Created by operators

We've been there. As former Disney leaders and sports & entertainment venue executives, we decided to tackle an event operator's biggest pet peeve.

CheckdIn isn't going to help your team win, and it's not going to make the acoustics in your venue better. But it will solve one of the most annoying parts of running an event - checking in employees.

Now you can return to doing the things you actually enjoy.

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